My name is Asbjørn Enge. I'm a software enthusiast living in Sandnes, Norway.

I'm really passionate about free software, cryptocurrencies and the web.  I do engineering & technical design of APPs, APIs and server side services. I also do cloud architecture and devops. I care about modular  design, simplicity and readability. I do not care for huge frameworks  and confusing abstractions. My preferred languages are python & javascript.

I sometimes do consulting, talks and courses. Get in touch.

When I'm not hacking code I dabble in the water of words and melody. I  write and perform songs. I play the guitar, harmonica and some  percussion. You can find some of my music on itunes.

I'm also an amateur coffee fanatic. My preferred brewing method is pourover by Chemex. I prefer washed, light and floral african beans. I get my coffee from a number of places including Coffeeberry, Tim Wendelboe, Kaffa and Square Mile Coffee.