Chronos is a scheduled task runner built for docker cloud environments.

The common way to manage scheduled tasks is still to use cron. When managing a complex infrastructure this quickly becomes tedious. Keeping track of a bunch of cron jobs spread out across your servers - or even on a dedicated server introduces state, is hard to manage, monitor etc.

So I decided to do something about it... 🙈

Introducing Chronos 🥳🎉


Chronos is a scheduled tasks runner for docker cloud environments.

In Chronos you can add tasks to run at specific times defined in cron syntax. Each task can have multiple steps. Steps are executed in order and stdout and stderr are stored for each execution.

Steps are executed on the chronos-api service, it's a very basic alpine-linux container so it has very few tools for you to execute. It does however contain a docker cli - and the idea is for you to run scheduled tasks using containers.

State is stored in a postgresql database.

Hope you find it useful 🙌